Want to take action?
The following websites provide alternative news, good information and plenty of resources for action and reflection.
Donna Mulhearn’s website:

Pace E Bene:
Voices for creative non-violence:
Non-Violence Training Project:
Nonviolent Action Network:
Christian Peacemaker Teams:
Non-Violent Peace Force:
Peace Brigades International:
Plowshares Movement:

Anti-war, anti-militarism groups:
Pax Christi:
Stop the War Coalition, Sydney:
Peace Convergence (Operation Talisman Sabre):
Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition:
Medical Association for Prevention of War:
CodePink Women for Peace:
Iraq veterans against the war:

World Community for Christian Meditation:
Australian Meditation Community:
Young Meditators:
Edmund Rice Network:
Catholic Worker Movement:
South Pacific Christian Anarchists:
Father John Dear:
Pax Christi:
Catalyst for Renewal:
The Quakers:
Network of Spiritual Progressives:

Edmund rice Centre:
Act Now:
Global Issues:
Information Clearing House:
Eureka Street:
Justice and Peace Office – Sydney Diocese:
Politics in the Pub – Sydney:
Friends of the Earth:

Electronic Iraq:
Baghdad Burning (a blog from Iraq):
Cost of War:
Dahr Jamail’s Iraq dispatches:
Iraq Body Count:
Electronic Iraq:
Gush Shalom:
International Solidarity Movement:
Rabbis for Human Rights:
International Middle East Media Centre:
Israeli Committee Against House Demolition:
Australians for Justice and Peace in Palestine:
Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine:
Refuser Solidarity Network:
Gaza Freedom March:

Human Rights
Human Rights Watch:
Global Exchange:
Amnesty International:

Inter-faith Dialogue
Together for Humanity:
Parliament of Wotrld Religions:
Affinity Inter Cultural Foundation

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