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Margaret Knowlden Donna - I have been so touched by your courage and the way you have reported on how this senseless war has affected the Iraqi people. It had me in tears many times. Thank you for having the courage to tell your story. 22/10/2012
Amal Badawi Donna, your story and courage have touched my heart deeply. I thank you for being a bearer of light in our world and for sharing your story with the world so that we may better understand the truth. May you always find your way to the peace within your heart, thank you for helping me find a way to mine. 24/11/2011
mary fermio rsj Donna, your book is beautifully written and a very powerful testament to your "ordinary courage". I am now waiting for the next book of your trip to Iraq to set up Our Home-Iraq. please keep on writing so that ordinary Australians like me will know what is happening. May God bless you and may St Mary of the Cross MacKillop watch over you in all you do.
I met you at the Edmund Rice Conference at Richmond.
Pamela Donna, it was inspirational and spiritually uplifting to hear you and David Hicks at the Sydney Theatre Company tonight {Sydney Writer's Festival 2011}.
I note 'Ordinary Courage' is not listed as yet on this website, yet look forward to reading it.
With gratitude for your remarkable fearlessness and your wonderful connection with the remarkable {and yes someone I and my creative associates have been concerned about for a long time} David Hicks {as well as Bradley Manning and Julian Assange}
Alicia Clarke Donna appeared at Justice Action Day in Hobart today, and I was in one of her workshops.
I was amazed by the amount of courage and determination she showed, and how much horror she has been through and seen, from the massacre of Fallujah, to the countless amount of times she has witnessed in Iraq.
This is a very admirable woman, and I would like to thank her for opening my eyes to what is happening in these parts of the world.
Thank you, Donna.
Samantha McKay Donna has shown true courage in what she did in an attempt to stop the horrors of war in Iraq. Much more courage than the prime instigator, George W. Bush, ever showed visiting a war zone. She didn't travel in secrecy under heavy security. Men who put their faith in muscle and weaponry will never develop the courage of this woman. Blessing on you Donna. 21/04/2010
Catherine Humphries With yesterday being International Womens day I am pleased to say I am looking forward to meeting you in Springwood (thanks to Katie). I am hoping you will bring some books along and sign them for us.
Celine Lai I was pleased and grateful to attend the Perth launch of your book. Before the Iraq invasion I protested outside the train station by myself. A disagreeable person approached me, and said "you're mad". I looked him in the eyes and said "each to their own". I have created a Message Board to "pay it forward". The link below is for people whom have read your book and who will refer your book to someone else.
Jo Valentine this book is an inspiration, as is Donna's commitment to nonviolence and spreading the words and actions of peace. I couldn't put it down! Loved the honesty, integrity and courage, which I would say is extra-ordinary! Beautiful! congratulations Donna on recording your experiences in such an inspiring way.
for peace & justice,
Jo Vallentine.
Garry Hills congratulations on this wonderful contribution, Donna. Your 'ordinary' courage has inspired and encouraged me for years now. It was because of you that Peace Partners were able to reach out to some of the Fallujah refugees with a message of solidarity. Your straightforward, honest, humble, very human approach to so many high school students and others in Toowoomba has reverberated far and wide. I'll try to catch up with you on the Sunshine Coast. 26/02/2010
Natasha Siebert You have opened my eyes to things I would never have taken the time to understand completely, but should have.
I can’t help thinking that the people who really need to hear this story are the ones who are least likely to take the time to read it!
I also see the wonderful gift that you are to all of us – how generous of you to so freely share yourself within the story.
Your ordinary courage and faith have made you - and your journey - anything but ordinary.
Thank you.
Julia Osborne Congrats on writing what seems an overwhelming story. I read the online transcript of your ABC RN interview in 2005. Last week I read an article in the Inner West Courier on the launch of your book and will suss out a copy. Blessings, salut, Julia 07/02/2010
Kathleen Anne Bethun I am going to have to get hold of a copy. Thrilled that it is out now! 04/02/2010
jean-michel houpline félicitations, proficiat j adore la couverture du livre
meme de ne pa s avoir lu , j en resents la profondeur et la simplicité forte
ce livre me parle déja j ai hatte de le lire
bien que mon ame te recevais déja donna
congratulations oui le belge qui etait a tes cotées
continue car ce monde en a besoins de vrai humains
beaucoups de succes avec ton livre
merci de m avoir mémorées une place par l encre de ton coeur continue ame soeur en christ
Chris Murphy Congratulations on the book! Look forward to reading it. I would read it just for the beautiful photograph on the cover.

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